Everything is parallel.
Smiling faces are everywhere. You are just throwing me bones.
Life is just one constant task. Put on a hoodie. This is the northeast you pussy.

As if but one more, ‘this old thing,’ type of thing,
one day when I am rich I will beat up and own a Rolls Royce Phantom.

This car for offroading on a whim without offroading capabilities;
justified by that I’m rich;
french fries from Mcdonald’s to be jammed between fine leather seats.

I plan to be quite rich… But I don’t need it. Among other items.

He picks things up and he drops them like things will never happen.
I will make something beautiful one day of something undeniably ugly.
Ice water and garlic bread. Due to peppermint schnapps.

A baby walks across a living room. Today she does. So impressive.
Outdoes me on the day. Outdoes us all. Smiling faces are everywhere.
So many things to say. Achilles braces.

flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-21 copy 22


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