Your sun is free.

Dreams decide reality. Dreams become the future.
The future unbecomes. As memories rewind the past.
Determined in hindsight. The future is erased;
replaced by our more righteous courses.
Fishbowl complexes. Trudging through junk. Ancient artifacts of self.
False memories. Organically flawed, biassed as we are. Oxymorons.
Does a tightrope of mindfulness benefit from foam blocks beneath?
There is really not too much one can do about it.
The present is intentional, and directive.
But wisdom sets in motion. Wisdom is the past.
Because you think you are watched, you are honest.
More honest in fact than you might ever be otherwise.
In short there is nothing wrong with you for having gone insane.
Everything since always is equally right and wrong.
Sometimes I just close my eyes.

flag_of_taliban_original-svg-copy-21 copy 23


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