You’re honestly fair enough.

A deal with the devil. Gate kept by an angel, or somebody good, morally responsible. I negotiate how many souls I must deal with at a time. I’ve relieved myself of many already. And I am still using drugs. A deal with the devil.

Unbeknownst I was sentenced to host over 500 souls in hell. For roughly five to fifteen years.
There is a legion of hell inside my head due to a mortal sin. Gluttony. Asmodeus. My shadow self. Unless I give up my sin; quit using drugs; and depending on how fast these souls reincarnate.

Will I serve out my sentence, or will I cave, God only knows.

He’ll never give one more than one can handle. Or so I’m assured.

Even if it sucks; there is always a choice.
Life is justified if it portends survival. I agree.

Responsible for all.

Autumn_Dance_copy copy 10


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