To every thought there’s a left and right.

Dead due to cost of a momentary lapse.
A subtle wink fords the mess before me.
Proliferates a poison behind me.
Inquisition of a timeless question.
Not because I’m right but because you’re wrong.
A facetious smile in the crease of its fold.
An empty promise to leave it be.
As I mason each brick surmounted.
Waiting for the fall.

A succulent the past propels you.
Upon the unknown horizon.
Gamut of my flaws.
Vicissitudes of a chasing landscape.
The subterfuge of me.
A heartless gesture of false will to weigh me.
Forever removed from sulking.
The gavel’s hand that I don’t trust.
Evaporates like steam over pavement in summer rain.

Untitled_Artwork (10) copy 2


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