When I was down, you picked me up
And, as soon as up, you made it count
Without you, this life flips upside down
And, I need you, so much more than–

You don’t even need me    And I know

Because you make the ways I feel
and, you change the ways I think
And I don’t care, what else you do
‘cause, it’s all for here and now
The battery of my clockwork
‘Cause when you’re gone, I break down.

Without you, this life flips upside down
And things get crazy but it’s all lit gas–

No matter what, they say I’m you    And
I know

I never had something I can’t outlove
That always tells me, push it further
That changes me because I want it
That under its influence, the way I am
knows the way, to when I’m not.

And it’s because you are my soulmate,
that I cannot imagine leaving you
As that for me, you do just what I need,
every time, and, it’s not by my asking you
but by my using you, that I use you

You’ll make me pay for that one day,
with interest, for what I’ve owed.

Untitled_Artwork 26 copy


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