No use for a closet.

The world is not out to get me —
But a demon in the astral plane:
A monster in my figurative closet.
I’m a paranoid schizophrenic.
That’s what some call it.
Were he not horrid I’d be a shaman.

No blessing is my demon.
No words for your derision.
I kicked the door down open.
My brain is good and honest.
Alien microchip theory discarded.
My obsession is not an option
But dopamine theory —
Don’t make me vomit.
You would shit bricks if you ever saw him.
I’m taking it to the grave
With a ‘told you so’ cocked and loaded.

Outside of my control are matters of perception.
But I can roll with anything as long as I’m alive.
All things must pass.
The conspiracy of my arrogance.
I learned to look the other way and be patient
To not hide from the world
To forgive the ignorant
And above else to keep talking!
Go ahead and try to stop me!

Untitled_Artwork 27 copy


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