God created man but a monkey provided the glue: A prayer.

What happened to man?
Between the Olduvai Gorge and the pyramids of Egypt
sits a cultural epoch of largely nothing.
When was the big bang of consciousness?
Is it all now just compounding knowledge?
By that I mean —
Is it like Guardians of the Universe in that
A humble human could be relevant?
Or are other beings just too damn smart
For beings who are unfortunately too damn smart
In their own right to put up with being your Koko,
Or the focus of your research.

Probably not, right?
I imagine heaven 2000 years ago was a tad illiterate,
But then again ignorance is only a light switch away.

If I could split apart the bicameral mind —
(What a joke) —
would there not be a little voice whispering in my ear?
Above all else that’s what I want to know.

How is heaven even feasible?
I believe in it. Just tough to wrap my mind around it.
And who the hell are aliens?
Is it you? Are you plural?
Are you a robot?
Am I a meat puppet?
You don’t hate gay people, right?
Tell me that was a human error.
I’ll sooner blame Abraham…

Do you enjoy fanatics?
Does Jim Jones send your palm to your face?
Do some dogs go to hell?
Can I pay money to see Richard Dawkins’ face
If there is in fact a judgement day?
You flooded the earth, right?
I figure we must be pleasing you these days,
Seeing as you don’t appear to care or not
Whether we believe in you.

How does reincarnation keep up with population?
What is the function of a multiverse?
Why must certitude be unobtainable?
Is the earth perhaps a penal colony?
We really return to the stars, huh?
Though, not gonna lie I can wait.
Life is pretty good on earth…
Allegory of my cave, perhaps.

Lastly and, as I said earlier above all else —
Why do demons exist?
Do you love them, too?
I’m ambivalent.
Though this might indicate Stockholm syndrome.

Seriously, the mere utterance of dopamine
Has me cringing these days but I have to admit,
Antipsychotics are inexplicably effective,
At least in that they render demons from hell
pillow fighters — albeit by their own choice
I presume. In any event I’m happier with this.

And I still don’t care what anyone thinks.
I’m taking the truth to my grave — and beyond.


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