Pulls push.

See that I speak because I must.
Know that I think not for you.
When you speak I think for me.
Your apathy is melting ice,
in blood in sweat I’m draining dry.
Soon I’ll be nothing left.
You’ll have no part in me
if you refuse to understand me
and know where from I call.
I’ll let you size me up
and place me where you wish
and without a fuck to spare
in that little world you make
wherein my stocks I shall not budge,
I shall not cry,
I’ll eat the food you throw
and catch it in my mouth.
So go ahead —
Use your x-ray vision
that I so lack,
filet me inside out,
caveat my only truth
and tell me I am wrong,
and I, a clueless chameleon
with no knowledge of rainbows
will drink in the candor
of a dream denied beside itself.

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One thought on “Pulls push.

  1. Wow! You are really awesome.

    Someday you should consider making a book of all your works. I believe you are incredibly talented, you are truly gifted.

    Hope all is well.

    Love you

    Have a great day!


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