Do as thou wilt.

Do as thou wilt.
You have to let people live their glory.
A golden rule.
Or you’ll never live your own.
One lesson that I constantly learn.
Waiting for my time
like Atlas waiting for a break.
Where is my Hercules —
my own rambunctious, over ambitious
absolute meathead, convinced he can
karate chop the earth in half.
Where is he?

My sincerest respect for
the right but wrong.
The faces that can’t stay out of my own.
I know their feel:
“It’s a chaos universe. Do as thou wilt.”
-The astral plane.
That’s an entire plane of existence speaking.
Must be right about at least something.

Where there’s an udder to milk…
Like Romulus and Remus….
Unpasteurized —
in this day and age,
most go to the store.
Others chomp down on a wild animal’s
warm, liver spotted tit.

Fuck your iman.
In my image I am god.
It’s a brilliant theory, man,
a real gambit,
but can you keep it up?

Irony —
No man is an island —
from Theresa to Kanye —
the selfless to the selfish
and everywhere in between —
people prove time and time again —
Something bigger than oneself
makes oneself tremendous.
Lord, let that be my head.

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