Jesus theory.

I’ve always wondered about Jesus christ.
In the past I believed he was just some charismatic schizophrenic.
Not much has changed in that regard
But at this point I’m certain he was an actual incarnation of god.

If you ever meet someone who believes themself to be god,
although you might find them in a doctor’s office,
no matter how humble they may seem,
you should probably believe them regardless.

Jesus was crucified for his lofty belief.
How far we’ve come.
Now we just feed him antipsychotics.
If nails couldn’t change his mind I doubt pills will either.
Tell him you love him and thanks for everything,
Or her for that matter.



One thought on “Jesus theory.

  1. Wow, can you come up with your own art, or are you just going to make your name off copying Jesus and Mary Chain cover art in MS Paint.

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