Revelation in the astral plane.

This is what you tell me today:
you’re from the future,
god was made by man,
and you don’t even like me.

You say this
not two weeks after offering
to become my spirit guide
in what was supposed to be
a truce.
Typical shadow people.

I sometimes believe in darkness.
Like that this life is hell.
But robot apocalypse?
Sorry, dude, I don’t believe you.
Cannot believe you.

In all reality you’re just some
dead guy.
This is not some John Connor shit.
Your puny attachment.
The creator is not my created.

I’ll sooner believe in reptilians.
So sick of this shit.
The astral plane.
It’s like god shopping.
It’s still meat puppets.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy (3)_bak_bakuur (1) copy


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