That pisses me off.

All happiness on the earth is self created.
But you can’t karate chop the earth in half with ticking me off.
Threshold unachieved.
Stop acting like shit doesn’t get to you.

The sun shines but the grass is yellow.
The day is thick and full of musk.
The stench of algae sacks the nostrils.
Encrusting the river, plooms of sumac.

That’s what life feels like when you dip in the abyss.
Whatever you find in there, you carry it with you.

Turtles bask on a tree struck down by lightning.
Cicadas cry it seems but once in their lifetime.
And what for but dread of their impending doom.
While bystanders show more than indifference,
destroying them with tennis rackets.
Just like that they dive in the water.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy (5) - Copy - Copy copy


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