Secular wash.

Was the populace swindled into believing a book,
or was there a reality for it to lean on?
My guess is the latter.
What must be enraging to the atheist
is a book of fiction as they know it
not only rivals but succeeds
their library of facts in global influence.
A paradox as they know one.
I for one used to be one.
I believe in God but I don’t read the bible.
People believed in God before the bible.
They believed in God before they could read the bible.
People believe in God because clearly something
happened to man a long, long time ago.
Something so profound it matters as much
despite not a lick of hard evidence in the present day.
The fact of its happening was orally passed down
before the advent of written language
all the world over without exception before globalization.
It’s obviously what it is in my opinion.
Not to mention I talk to spirits.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy_bak_bak copy


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