One schizophrenic’s quandary.

How come my psychotic paranoia doesn’t overlap with other outlets of my reality beyond the purported supernatural? For example: I’m no nihilist as I believe in God but I do believe the cause of misfortune is in the word itself and that hence to blame is randomness; interpersonal drama escapes me in relationships — no one conspires against me in my life as far as I can tell; I’m driving around right now with stinky weed in my glove compartment that easily can be detected by any breathing nose and I’ve not even one goosebump for the cops I pass about me; however I believe that demons in the astral plane are out to ruin my every God forsaken day and thus I’m psychotic and paranoid with religious delusions of persecution — yet I’m the chillest and otherwise most carefree guy I’ve ever met — I’m like Bob Marley in a straightjacket — know what I mean?

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