Blue balls abound.

If we have sex and I tell you that I came, chances are I surly didn’t. Rarely ever do I cum during sex. I just always say that I cum out of good manners if I’m asked but the truth is I never cum. I eventually go soft and depart my piece, that’s the protocol, but I do not cum. Got too much on my mind for that. Plus I’m uncircumcised. That doesn’t help. I got a desensitizer cloak. Perhaps it makes me last longer but it’s not for my sake. There’s not enough nerve endings in the world to make me cum. The hottest sex in the world couldn’t make me cum. The Bill Belichick of sex coaching couldn’t make me cum. No mam, I’m Mr no cum. Pleased to meet you.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy_bak_bak_bak copy


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