Freakazoid in a monkey suit.

Neither a rabbit nor a turtle but a turbbit, a mutant, a compromise with everyone, a hybrid and a child of all, a freak and an excellent pace keeper but a fence sitter by design who flashes for no one and lives in every watching heartbeat. Still a guy though who fights to lose every time but he’s famous for doing it. Alive in every breath taken. A utilitarian man, a jobber but a macroman. An integral part of something greater than himself. In reality he’s highly neurotic and frankly a noisy person to be around or he’s vocative to the point of that note being made. He’ll talk your ear right off every time. Extremely long winded. Extremely. It’s so gross, he’s so exhausting. A psychic vampire, I’m not kidding, but I digress. Although not an alpha male, he’s not a natural loser either. He’s a spring salmon fighting against the current. A vintage El Camino rusting on its rims.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy copy


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