Saint Peter: a fact?

Many casual believers today who are heathens that traverse through faith by intuition alone rather than joint instruction — non-abrahamic affiliates of nothing official who are members of but the neo faithful by default ascription — opine en masse their rogue idea, one ushered in spite of institutional opposition at all ends, that although God may command them, they concur, God does so without judgment for each person, they insist. But it’s also agreed upon by them with their counterpart consensus, that God watches each person, loves each person, has created each person, hosts them in two worlds and transfers them between each one. Such a line of facts almost acts to lead. In light of such involvement by God as agreed upon by all involved in the question, is it really too extreme for one to think God might have something life encapsulating to tell each person upon each stay in one world ending? I think not. The question why we switch between two worlds begs to agree with me. Quite frankly, I don’t know where the neo faithful get off believing otherwise. If the tripping matter for them is one of judgment’s feasibility, a question of how it can be done, to them I say rescind doubt now for God negates the question how for us with his definition alone if that is what we posit; as God is considered supreme and we the faithful hold him as this by no understatement, we can trust God’s tangible glory in physical fact is matched only by the infinite possibilities that are conceivable in one’s imagination. How is not the question. What seems to be is why.

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