Everybody calls him Little Caesar.

As a believer in God I sometimes wonder from time to time if my body as a member of the human race is derivative of a creation event, but the commodity of greater importance which I believe in as a creation in fact without question is my consciousness. As I believe in the afterlife I believe in the concept of the soul, or in mind body dualism: three words I say which means my mind and body are distinct. As such I believe that consciousness is a divine creation. I believe that God made us to exist on earth as incorporeal spirits: the pilots of our minds and bodies. Moreover I believe that human bodies are living creatures overridden by robotic souls and thus they are meat robots willed by alien entities, but I don’t know if they were once a free ranging species or if they were created, as in they were a test-tube species once genetically engineered into existence like Adam and Eve that has since then propagated naturally. I think that could be likely under the right paradigm although less so under others. Not to mention paleoanthropology today promotes reasons for doubt with new links to man’s descension from a common ancestor with modern apes found it seems every half decade now. All the same, short of the discovery of the elusive proverbial missing link, it’s definitely possible in the meantime for human meat puppets to have been created by God. Perhaps it will always be like that. Still, even so, the reason for there to be a hitch installed on every man is necessity of the afterlife, as the afterlife does not seem possible to exist without the concept of the soul, but unbridled by their certain dualism, minds traverse the cosmos every night and day without even a clue they’re doing it.

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