Sun scream.

Trapping her in his gaze, she would otherwise have clean skin as her fertility in his light of course is brought about courtesy of the sun. If perception of the world is a microcosm for the world itself as in, the universe is under considered because it is a reducement to only that which has been touched by human consciousness as in, the universe is endless and therefore impossible to consider in full, because both bodies the earth and the sun are miracles believes the very inhabitants who process the earth’s bosom and live off that bounty, humanity finitely in motion is a microcosm for all that has been and all that ever shall become (in spite of itself scrapping for a clue as to what is going on.) Less so the consequence of her setup and more so the result of her abstaining from his intensity through keeping a careful distance from him, always rotating her body so that the most recent point of contact is always the spot that’s last in line and limiting her consumption of the sun to a magic dose of twelve hours on and twelve hours off, as she develops her musk a sense of moderation defines both her suitability for life with him abreast her and the crown of her biology’s cognizant ascension from an organism that didn’t quite realize it was even a thing at one point to an organism keen in the practice of self reference. Ever mindful of the end of days, with eyes fixed on her present prize she spins fervidly and heart ablaze never forgetting that although she might never die she will only live truly once.

flagofthetalliban - copy - copy_bak_bak - copy (3)_bak_bak_bak_bak copy


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