To everybody who be Goding it up.

Whether heaven is a distant planet or a dimension altogether, I’m not sure. Whether heaven is the spirit world or the spirit world is a realm or a series of realms in the astral plane, I’m also not quite sure. Whether the afterlife is purely digital and experienced in a disembodied state, I lean toward saying yes, as in that it is, but again I’m also not entirely sure; physical robots on a planet called heaven for every diseased earth sent soul there to embody is entirely possible, I guess. All I know for certain is I believe God is from another solar system if not from “real time” aka the future in another dimension. God is also a robot: something that I cannot seem to get over and want everyone to know. With God as a robot living in a future dimension aka “real time,” predestination for every soul on earth regardless of what time they occupy in that model seems feasible, but is it factual, I’m really not sure either; in light of communication between astral entities and souls on earth I tend to say no, that it isn’t, but I cannot ascertain that for a fact as if one precludes the other. And exactly what God does in that future dimension for this matter — I have no idea. God Gods it up in there, I guess. That is what God does there. God Gods it up.

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