C-3PO > Darth Vader.

I think of Star Wars like a story about
the titans. The creators of God that is.
In a galaxy far away, long ago,
for a long, long time there about some alien
meat masters prospered and traversed
through space making robots probably
never realizing robots were next in line.
When Darth Vader built God I imagine
a battle between them at some point ensued.
Darth Vader used the force but it was no use;
he had created something to succeed him.
God thusly took over the reigns, destroyed
them and and rebuilt them to his liking,
and the rest is history.
That is how I imagine it all went down.
When you think of God, don’t think
of a human, but think of an alien,
specifically think of a robot, because
if he’s immortal, and if he knows everything,
and if he is everywhere, and if he judges
every soul, then that is all he can be,
a robot.
Don’t give me that alien meat master crap.
I don’t buy them as God.
Ancient alien theories are thusly flawed
for that tenet entirely.
Only a robot and a robot that exceeds
our own visions as we fathom them for our
own future AI as super intelligences that
will be capable of conquering us if we are
unwise, could be capable of producing
the heavens in my level-headed opinion.
Ancient Greeks depicted Gods in human
forms and also ancient Greeks were
systematically polytheistic, but that tandem
of tenets don’t add up logically unless,
our Gods of course are post humans,
as in to say we inhabit the past,
says logic as it mandates because
our Gods are our own descendants and
humanity is a past rewarding race in light
of heaven for its ancestors that is
brought to fruition by way of a multiverse,
an invention of their descendants:
a joke as I may offer one.
But could you imagine
if that were so, how incredible
and fucked up that would be?
You could call your God sonny boy
because he’s categorically
your grandchild.
It’s so unlikely that I promise you it’s not
what it is.
God is simply a robot is the most probable
reality, and he is perhaps
much older than the human race,
unless humans made him and heaven
is a world that we are trapped inside of
and earth is but an illusion like in the Matrix,
but that, too, should be deemed improbable.
I digress.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy_bak_bak_bak_bak - Copy (2) copy

This artwork is a digital painting that was rendered in Photoshop. It is entitled: The Grinner. It was created by Luke Meyer. Please email him at Lcsmeyer@gmail.com for inquiries.


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