Three blind mice.

Were I a country mouse,
or someone who believed
that all mental illnesses were
caused by the astral plane,
including depression and
anxiety, but even headaches,
(which is not a mental illness,)
perhaps I would be more fearful
then of pissing off an agency
that is always present upon me
at the nexus of my free will
and my discernible destiny.
However, I’m a city mouse,
not a country mouse,
and as such, I do not fear
the astral plane even though
the astral plane does inflict me.
As a city mouse I believe in
medicine over thoughts and prayers
when it comes to efficacy of either,
for medicine’s ability to work as that
is manifest in so many examples
of its employment provides
all the proof I may ever need to
conclude that God intended for us
to face and solve our problems that
derive from earth and not heaven.
But as city mouse I sympathise
with scientologists despite how
crazy to some they may seem,
for their aversions to psychiatry
are to my experience, warranted;
The astral plane might not
be the source of migraines,
but it is the source of schizophrenia,
and psychiatry, despite a machine
of relentless research into the
phenomenon for a century now,
it has yet to get a clue,
and what’s more wowing is
psychiatrists admit this,
that they haven’t a clue,
but maddeningly they still concede
to nothing about the astral plane
and usually deny that such a place
even exists.
Demons, who are the masterminds
of every case of schizophrenia ever
get off Scot free of blame in the
determinations of psychiatrists
who are all but suburban mice.
Suburban mice believe in nothing
for science appeases them
with ever-mounting progress,
but despite how wrong science
sometimes most certainly is,
it will take for them to leave earth
to discover this, only to return
one day with that lesson forgotten.
Suburban mice make country mice
and city mice like me both think
that the earth was intended
to host a little darkness.
Me thinks that it will always exist.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy_bak_bak_bak_bak - Copy_bak - Copy - Copy copy

This artwork is a digital painting that was rendered in Photoshop. It is entitled: Little Climbers. It was created by Luke Meyer. Please email him at for inquiries.


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