A Rough Patch In Social Evolution.

Atheists envy theists
and theists envy atheists.
Theists envy empirical evidence
and atheists envy humanism.
Atheists love humanism.
They crave humanism like robots crave oil.
Atheism might be like communism––
the cleanest theory on the block––
but it don’t make-a-no humanism.
Disbelief will always wish to disunite
unless acted upon by separate forces.

As a western baby,
atheism is intolerant of eastern wisdom buuuut
very accepting of new India.
And new anywhere for that matter.
So it’s an interesting club.
Judah discipleage is the Hitler of atheism
yet it’s humanism-centric
which is weird.
Humanism is not the engine of atheism,
but it is the fuel.
The carnal body of atheism is the present.
The spirit body of atheism is the book of facts.
Atheism is a permanent dream.
Atheism is a social program inherited from colonialism.

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