“Poor Richard Dawkins––He Has Only Five Senses.”

If one posits God exists, one must also posit schizophrenia has divine oversight. Answers to hallucinations and delusions must reside in God’s design if that is what we are. In this constraint, schizophrenics cannot be considered insane. For why would God design his creation to hallucinate objects of Heaven? That would be stupid. He could just show you objects of Heaven, and you wouldn’t be insane. It would be much easier. So. If one posits God exists, Richard Dawkins has reverse schizophrenia; Richard Dawkins has a delusion by his own definition, and though he doesn’t have hallucinations, schizophrenics are no longer insane. All one must do is posit God exists to make Richard Dawkins insane. It’s really that simple. The problem is theist-o-phobia in the west is so powerful a force these days, it’s like homophobia in the middle ages; the heart feels nothing for it. Science made me the new gay. It has shackled me to a crippling diagnosis. My crime: blasphemy of science: I believe spirits live in my head. My fate: martyr; the new gay. Deal with it, society. “Fix” it. The choice is yours. Remember, there is no proof that schizophrenia is valid science. It is only a theory that I am insane.

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