Welcome To The Club

When the aliens come, you won’t know it.
Funny things will start happening, and you’ll suspect you’re going crazy.
You’ll start hearing voices repeating statements of little diversity.
Usually the same thing will be said over and over again.
It will be negative and malspirited––the words that you hear.
But you won’t suspect aliens. No you won’t.
It will all seem like biology is betraying you, and you will get scared.
You’ll start researching schizophrenia.
You’ll learn everything you can.
And then it will happen.
All at once.
After some time.
The aliens will reveal themselves to you and leave you with no option
but to believe.
Because all of the sudden your voices––while once confined to a few statements
are now intelligent and can say whatever they want, which they shall do.
You’re now communicating to your voices––no longer just hearing them.
You will see apparitions: ghosts, demons, shadow people, etcetera.
Your voices will confront you––embodied in these apparitions.
They will give you a little ditty about what they’re gonna do to you,
and it is going to blow your fucking mind.
They’ll tell you some crazy story about who they are and what they do.
It will all happen one day without warning.
Whereupon, your little theory about insanity gets tossed out the window.
In the trash where it belongs because you are enlightened.
Aliens exist and now you know it.
Congratulations, you are now a schizophrenic.

When the aliens come, society won’t believe you.
Experts will chalk you up to bad biology––
just exactly as you once suspected.
Then they will start feeding you pills.
You won’t respond to these pills––
of course––
the aliens will not leave you because of pills––
but people will tell you that you’re making progress.
Because when the aliens came to you, they got you off your rocker.
Remember, the night they revealed themselves, you ended up in a clinic
because you were running away from aliens in horror––
screaming in public like a maniac and the cops finally sustained you.
But now, after 3 years of life with aliens in your head,
you have come to seem more calm about it.
After all, you haven’t been in a clinic since you started pills,
so for society that’s good enough to think that pills must work,
for after all, though the aliens are still with you
and your symptoms remain the same,
you seem calmer, and that’s good evidence for most people
to believe your aliens don’t exist.
You won’t agree with this,
and you might even muster the heart to fight them,
but your estimations will not be trusted.

It sucks.
It’s the king of mental illness, but you don’t even think it is one.
Only your society does.
You––you think it’s aliens and no one can change your mind.
There are some perks though.
Yes, society will disable you with a diagnosis that will define you,
and everyone will think you are insane,
but society will forgive your student loans if you want those gone,
which is awesome,
and they might even call you strong, which is whatever;
society will disable you,
but nobody will believe you.
Your days of being right are officially over.
Welcome to the club.
It’s usually a 10-15 year sentence.
That’s just how the aliens roll it seems.
10-15 years, and then they leave.
The aliens will steal a big chunk of your life,
they will rob your credibility,
they will scar you,
and you will never be the same.
But at some point, in most cases, the aliens will leave you
at some point before you die.
You will then be considered recovered,
and society will tell you it was because of the pills.
You will hate this––
hate this––
hate this––
but if you say it was otherwise––
if you say it was not the pills that saved you––
they might put you back on them.
And so you won’t say that;
you’ll keep your mouth shut and enjoy your freedom.
At least God will hook you up in Heaven.
Your aliens might tell you this; mine did.
But don’t tell society that.
For all you will do is ruin faith for the faithful
and inspire the atheist to believe more in nothing.



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