Bill Nye Is A Fool

Some things are not worth researching, for some things are dominated by common sense. Sometimes altruism gets confused for selective misanthropy, and indignation is an unconscious lie. Sometimes eugenics extends itself to behaviors and beliefs; sometimes mind control is the silent initiative behind forces of culture. I have heard now for quite some time––it’s been hot for a while––but many modern humans––especially among the neo liberal main core––generate primitive indigestible hatred in response to the personal choices and collective demands of McCarthy disciples at large. I speak of course about the anti-vax movement, and its parasitic countermovement, pro-vax hysteria. Pro–vax hysteria acts to cloud my judgment. Who’s right becomes a stupid quest when society is hysteric. For the record I’m a vaxxer. I believe science has figured this much out. But never was I certain where I stood on anti-vaxxing, for in my heart though I always knew just what I felt, the soul and body never eclipsed because, whether or not it was important to my society, I just found pro-vax hysteria to be a bold claim for altruism, for although it’s for the better good, they say, all I ever saw was a bunch of unrighteous bullying––permissed. Which of course, cannot be valid if we are fair. Therefore I, never gave the issue much thought beyond enough for me to realize that pro-vax hysteria was all fueled by nothing but gang mentality hatred, envesseled in political devices, and piloted by guilty culture war mongers––to the disservice of us all. Needless to say, I thought that anti-vaxxers were lambs. Dead fish in the water. But I met a person today who changed my mind. She reminded me that only dead fish swim with the stream. Now I know where I stand, and that I do because I must. She was a Trump supporter. Something I’m not. But I flexed my empathy for her because we both found common ground: a mutual love of good weed, good people, patriotism, coffee and freedom. Now. Without very much deliberation, after hearing this woman’s story, I have come to the irreversible conclusion that I support the anti-vax movement. Life control is worse than mind control in my opinion, and I think mandating vaccinations is exactly what life control is. I’m all about preserving freedom. Vax should be a choice. Should your child get measles or whatever because you refused to give him shots––well––serves you right––but you expected that could happen and––at least you didn’t give in to the man. The man wants to own you; he wants to chain you to his laws of self-service; he wants to crush your voice. Remember: the man is the voice that demands, and he feels nothing for your heart, because you are the minority and he is offended by your defiance. He tries to overstep your sacred parental rights and claim what’s best for your own children, without an inch of shame––over booster shots no less––for he is forever drunk on his own convictions, no one can prove him wrong, and the majority will do nothing to stop him because he is a machine of supressment. Sometimes he hides behind science, names himself reason, and claims to be innocent and righteous, even altruistic and infallible, but you don’t have to obey his fake ass if you don’t want to. He’s only concerned about numero uno: the ideas in his head––his egotism. He claims to care about your children, but your children will grow up to be like you, not like him, and he will try to ruin them just the same. So. If you’re brave enough to face insults, hostility, debasement, hatred and alienation in order to defend your religious beliefs, you are a person of rare character, true virtue, and you have my sincerest respect. No matter what a human tells you, God understands your soul, and you damn well know that. I don’t care who hates me for it––I will always stand up for you.

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