Big Words That Capture Subtleties In A Bottle

Words are structures of meaning. You find out the meaning of a word––a big word, of course––and then everything becomes it. You find its examples emerge into relevance everywhere you look. Because it becomes something the brain seeks out. For when you learn a big word, you have a micro epiphany; you understand the subtleties of your own existence with a little more clarity––a little more definition. Right now, for me, everything is ostensible, because big words, unlike common words, isolate that sweet spot in their definitions, and to portray them in speech seems as if something novel; whereas common words fail to satisfy, big words are addictive. Big words, unlike common words, help to deepen our perspectives––is a decent claim. Common words, unlike big words are unexciting, and the implications inspire little satisfaction. If confined to common words, one must find satisfaction in conceiving broader meaning than any one word can qualify; it becomes about ideas, not vocabulary, which is valid theory of mind, but my points prevail regardless. Plus it’s dope to use big words. With aplomb. Meaning wakes up emotions, and emotions guide meaning to conception; homeostasis is managed via the soul; the compass of the soul is satisfaction.



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