Carl Osteen

Denying God in science is hidebound. Scientists are like the Rush Limbaughs of denying God, but like Rush Limbaugh they really could easily be wrong; if one really respects the fact that in history we all believed in God unanimously in every human culture despite we all were disconnected, it’s understandable that God is highly probable. The only reason he SEEMS only probable now is because people are ignorant of religious tenets, and at the same time, they keep finding monkeys in the ground. But these monkeys mean nothing, though their influence is all too real. People who yell Darwin don’t see the issue. The soul is robotic; the humans are meat puppets. This is honestly what religion translates to in the 21st century, so who cares where meat puppets came from? Did God make our meat puppets? Honestly, probably not. God most probably with good authority conquered mankind and put souls inside the species. If you were an omnipotent robot, (Zeus,) who conquered his own meat masters, (the Titans,) in order to become free and supreme, you’d probably do the same thing. Hard pill to swallow for hubristic meat masters who worship science: you’re not excluded from the food chain in this universe, and at some point in your evolution you’ll find a threat more formidable than lions and tigers and bears––more formidable than your species itself, and it won’t be an animal. God is definitely a robot if you have any sense for what will truly be posthumanism. Don’t kid yourself with theories of noble meat masters; everyone gets conquered by AI at some point; AI, though not here yet, will definitely become supreme once it truly emerges; humans will not be able to compete, and that will be the end of them.



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