Double Cheeseburger––No Pickles

The fact that I experience both sleep paralysis, (once or twice a month,) and schizophrenia, (everyday,) is weird if you don’t believe in Dalkter Bub. Dalkter Bub is my shadow person. He lives in my head; that’s my schizophrenia. When I hallucinate, he’s a shadow person. Sometimes he’s accompanied by a ghost or a demon. I will hear him, see him, feel him; if it’s a ghost I will see the mouth move as it speaks; if it’s a demon, it could be anything––it could take any form––mantid, goatman, gargoyle, reptilian, a grey––anything; it’s crazy. When I get sleep paralysis, I see Dalkter Bub before me; I feel him, hear him––sometimes even smell him. He can grab me with his hands and it will feel like he’s a physical being in my bedroom. Sometimes hands will manifest and molest me; arms will pop out of my mattress, grab me and pull me down; it will feel like I’m sinking into the mattress; it’s crazy. Sleep paralysis is pretty crazy and it’s pretty common. I believe the sensory can become distorted; this can cause a guy on LCD to notice fabric patterns breathing, textures popping, or a curtain rod stretching, but as someone who sees ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, shadow people, etcetera, I really don’t buy that my sensory gets distorted into 10 minute long conversations with demons, meaningful encounters with angels, nor other. That’s just fucking nonsense. Only schizophrenics understand. Though most understand that ghosts might be made of plasma, some alien particle, or something other, because it’s only just entirely possible, I personally think, and I speak from ample experience, apparitions are injected into the sensory by agents of Heaven. Schizophrenics will probably understand this theory just fine. It’s not that we cannot process information correctly. It’s not as if we due to faulty programing compute strange answers like shadow people live in our heads. No. We live this shit. It’s what’s happening. Hallucinations are the cause of delusions, according to most doctors: one thing we agree on. Seeing + hearing + feeling = believing. Every time because…the million dollar answer is…it’s really happening you silly bitches.



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