A Poop Loaf On A Velvet Pillow Inside A Glass Display Case––Surrounded By Lasers

In anthropology, many theories on the genesis of religions have abounded over the past century. All of these theories entertain an atheistic assumption because, science cannot as of yet both entertain God and be credible because, such is the primitive state of the dominant ethos in the scientific community; still a baby, that ethos––very theist-o-phobic, indeed––most probably due to PTSD from getting burned at stakes in the middle ages; oh, the good ol’ days. Anthropology is a respectable field. A worthy field. An asset to humanity. But all of these atheistic theories on the genesis of religions––I have read many of them, and I find them all to be works of misplaced fiction founded in mirages of evolutionary psychology, that like windmills, will only spin fiercer in time; they are all fragile vases pottered out of shit by incorrigible hands, and destined to dissolve one day into a malodorous puddle of sewage, upon replacement by even bolder determinations of the ancient simpleton; though presently full of golemic water, erroneous conclusions drawn from faulty assumptions will melt their makeshift casings in time, and the result will be the contents of a baby’s diaper; all atheistic theories in anthropology honestly suck. Attempts to ascertain extinct functions of psychology for explanations of God––it’s conjectural overkill, and it begs for undue trust. Pathological science at its finest, it is modern day alchemy. Instead of using available science to transform substances into gold, atheist intellectuals nowadays use available science to try to disprove God. It is impossible. And these gifted thinkers should really stop wasting their time. Excuses for God are infinite and may bypass all theories designed against him. Faith, therefore, will never vanish.



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