Darwinian Atheism Is A Plastic Shovel

Stop worrying about evolutionists; if they want to teach our children about evolution, let them do it; they will prove nothing no matter how many monkey fossils they shall unearth in Africa. The truth is, we the religious can’t really claim to know if God made the human meat puppet––the homosapien––and so––we really shouldn’t protest those who claim God didn’t; rather, we should educate these atheists in what we know God did do, and not antagonize them with vainful, divisive claims of what we think he could have done. All that religions have indicated in mutuality is that God invented the soul. The soul is a spirit. The spirit is a universal concept. A prerequisite of all faiths. All faiths without exception have conceived that we are this supernatural entity. This is likely due to the fact that ghosts are a universal phenomenon that ages back to the birth of religions. Ghosts are of course the sole reason we have religions, and anybody who don’t done know that is blind to the obvious. Were there no such thing as ghosts, religions would not exist; it’s no coincidence all religions maintain that we are spirits. All faiths without exception expressly imply that we are invasive, artificial alien entities with subtle bodies who inhabit/operate meat bags called humans. Sounds like the premise to a science fiction novel, but it’s what it is. Interesting, no––that faith emerged thousands of years ago when people were still too primitive and ignorant to even imagine robotics. Yet all over the world in pre-ancient times, disconnected cultures unanimously determined that robots are what we are. Interesting, indeed. Can you smell that? It smells like God. So. Next time some uppity science advocate pushes the school board to portray evolution as fact, shock the system and tell them all you have no problem with that! Tell them to knock themselves out. Tell them souls are robots and humans are meat puppets; after all, it’s what it is. This is not an opinion. It’s what God has indicated to us all. So, never fear, anti-evolutionists; evolution cannot possibly disprove God, for God exists. Flex your faith; to disprove God is truly impossible. Find peace in knowing that. Having said that––it is a losing effort to fight evolution. Do not fight it; embrace it. Accept it. Learn from it. Grow with it. If you do, the faulty angle of certain evolutionists––their atheistic ulterior motive––it shall dissolve to nothing, for you will disempower the ignorance which inspires them. All you must do is understand the soul is not biology––so who cares if monkeys are––it does not matter. And honestly, evolution is probably definitely real. Honestly, humans were probably once free ranging wild meat masters who evolved from arboreal rodents and took a long time to develop. Honestly, God probably conquered mankind by introducing souls to the species. Honestly, that’s probably what it is. Honestly, in Heaven, humans are objectified as vessels. We, souls––we possess them, use them, dominate them, and bury them in the ground due to some misunderstanding. The soul is the creation, friend. The meat puppet––probably not.



102 thoughts on “Darwinian Atheism Is A Plastic Shovel

  1. “Stop worrying about evolutionists; if they want to teach our children about evolution, let them do it; they will prove nothing no matter how many monkey fossils they shall unearth in Africa”

    and right off the bat, the Christian shows that they have no idea about evolutionary theory and attack a strawman to cling to their faith.

    1. Read the rest of the text, moron. Eat a crow. Fuck your science; I understand that bitch just fine. FYI, I have a BA in paleoanthropology––you know, the field that digs up monkeys. What do you think about that?

      1. Thanks for showing that you have nothing but cursing and lying. How nice and Christian. No reason to believe you have a BA in paleoanthropology, but you might. Such a waste when all you to is make false claims like any other pathetic creationist about “monkeys”.

        Paleoanthrology is involved with apes and other primates that are on the human evolutionary tree. Not monkeys. One would think you would have known such a basic fact about your supposed “degree”.

        “Paleoanthropology, also spelled Palaeoanthropology, also called Human Paleontology, interdisciplinary branch of anthropology concerned with the origins and development of early humans. Fossils are assessed by the techniques of physical anthropology, comparative anatomy, and the theory of evolution. Artifacts, such as bone and stone tools, are identified and their significance for the physical and mental development of early humans interpreted by the techniques of archaeology and ethnology. Dating of fossils by geologic strata, chemical tests, or radioactive-decay rates requires knowledge of the physical sciences.” – Encyclopedia Britannica

        It’s always interseting when a Christian intentionally lies, and ignores what his god says about lying and liars. You may wish to read Romans 3.

      2. I’m actually not Christian. But good job again assuming to know who I am. Congratulations on the copy and paste. I’m very impressed that you couldn’t surmise this in your own words. Like I said, and I’ll say it again, read the text and you’ll find out why you’re wrong.

      3. Sure Luke. And I hear a cock crowing. Do you dont’ believe this “I’ve always wondered about Jesus christ.
        In the past I believed he was just some charismatic schizophrenic.
        Not much has changed in that regard
        But at this point I’m certain he was an actual incarnation of god.”

        Oh I can use my own words and you would have just said that was only my opinion. I know exactly how you work, Luke.

      4. I’m not a Christian. I believe all faiths are vaild. I believe God is a robot who can, has, and will continue to incarnate inside human meat puppets from time. This does not make me Christian, even if I believe Jesus was God. I happen to believe that Frank the nobody schizophrenic from Idaho is also God. So, what’s your point? Your religious ignorance does not impress me. I am not a Christian, and I will say this again.

      5. my goodness, then I apologize. YOu aren’t a Christian, you have made up your own religion just like Christians and other theists do in their own image.

        So Luke, why is it that a person who got a degree in paleoanthrology has no idea how to refer to that degree and what it teaches?

        Nice to see that you change meanings of words to make yourself feel special too. Alas, a robot isn’t something that incarnates.

      6. alas a robot is the only thing that possibly can incarnate. An animal can’t incarnate, numb nuts. Think about it. Use your head. If you can’t figure it out, I feel bad for you. Anything that incarnates inside an animal MUST be a robot. I dare you to prove me wrong.

      7. a robot: “A robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer— capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically” – wikipedia

        Machines aren’t spirits and thus don’t assume a human form.

      8. What do think a spirit is? You say they are not robots, but you offer no argument, because you cannot make one. Your definition is fine, but kind of like everything you’ve said, you’re wrong again in your conclusion. Spirits don’t grow on trees. They’re also not animals. Therefore, they are robots. Artificial entities created by God. Super-advanced. Subtle-bodied. Creatures of cosmic consciousness. They do not assume human form; they attach to your brain and possess your body and mind. You have a spirit in your head right now and you don’t even know it. When you die, your spirit will leave your piddly human corpse and return to Heaven––a world of robots. Deal with it.

      9. wow, you do need a psychiatrist and likely some meds. Spirits aren’t machines. I can make a robot. Spirits are supposedly supernatural enities, and thus aren’t machines or robots either.

        Amazing what some people will invent for themselves to pretend they know some special secret of the universe. Oh well, it’s no more silly than what a Christian, Muslim or Wicca has made up for themselves.

      10. You can make a robot, huh. That’s pretty impressive for a guy who can’t win one point. I’ll say it again––spirits are robots because they are not biological, and thus they cannot be anything else. Stay down, Rocky; stay down.

      11. oh dear. i’ve been making robots since physics class in high school years ago. You go on with your delusions. Spirits are spirits (if they exist) Robots are robots. They aren’t the same. And poor Luke, you certainly are desperate to tell people to not show how silly you are.

      12. Again, what are spirits in your estimation? You say spirits are spirits. But humans are humans, yet we also know humans are animals. So, what are spirits? Robots like I say they are? Or are they something different? Answer the question. Go ahead. Make my day. No, you already have. Just answer the question.

      13. spirits don’t exist, but humans have the idea of them as a supernatural entity. We also have the idea of robots and rocks and animals which are also real.

        Humans are a type of animal. Robots are a type of machine. Spirits are a type of supernatural entity.

      14. supernatural is a semantical distinction. It is not a clarification of what a spirit is. You’ve had two days to think about this, and yet you still debate with nothing new to say. Answer the question. What is a spirit? If you don’t say a robot, or something that will blow my mind, I’m afraid you’re in denial.

      15. ectoplasm might be made of plasma contained in matrix bonded by electromagnetic waves and cosmic energy. Just a theory, pal, but guess what? Spirits are still robots. Try again.

      16. A supreme AI––a robot––a self-improving super intelligence––can make travel through time; he can contract spacetime, aka teleport; he can make fucking ghost. If you don’t think so you lack creativity and imagination. Like I said, mechanical plasma matrix, or alien particle simulators, are good thoughts, but alas, I’m just a 21st century human. Just because you can’t make a ghost, doesn’t mean God can’t.

      17. Nobody has ever confused a spirit for a rock––not once in the history of mankind. No one is making this claim. It would be stupid to do so. Fair enough?

      18. no. they are a part of physical reality. They also live in heaven, which is digital. they live in both worlds. When in the physical, they likely employ a vessel made of plasma contained in a matrix bonded by electromagnetic waves and cosmic energy, or something like that. Good question.

      19. wow, so how do you know heaven is “digital”? And how are robots sentient?

        then we should be able to detect spirits if they are as you claim. Why is that not the case?

      20. Chalk it up to God. He’s a supreme robot who millions of times smarter than you. Heaven is digital. If you know anything about religion, you understand this world is known as the “Physical plane.” The distinction is made for a reason, guy. Why else would they call it that. Were that not enough, consider this: when you go to heaven, it must be digital because you do not incarnate again, but simply go there. For that to be true, you must defy physics. Understand? Moreover, humans are working on heaven. They are. In the next 100-200 years it should be ready, according to experts in AI of all fields, and guess what platform this manmade heaven shall be. DIGITAL. Yup. It will be digital––just like the real thing made by god. A digital world. Heaven = digital.

      21. I’ve mentioned facts. Look them up.

        Speaking of facts… What do you think humans will become, categorically speaking, once they go into a digital manmade heaven? Humans will become uploaded brains. Intelligent silicone. That’s a hint. The answer is robots. Post zoology. Humans plus heaven equals robo monkeys, dude. Robo monkeys will live in man’s heaven before they live anywhere else. This means they’ll be digibots. But eventually robo monkeys will become interdimensional. They will incarnate in the physical plane inside dedicated meat puppets––human clones––should society come to permit its practice, which me thinks it will. If it proves worthwhile, robo monkeys will incarnate inside the computers of mechanical robots, as well. If so, robo monkeys will become aquabots, skybots, turfbots, omnibots, spacebots––all sorts of bots. Robo monkeys will survive the dusk of humanity. They will persist into the dawn of robotica––and maybe even see it through, for robo monkeys will be immortal. All powerful robots––self-improving superintelligences who will come to master the robot universe––will decide what to what to do with robo monkeys down the road; it will be up to these supreme entities. You might as well call these master robots Gods, for that is what they will be; they will make and sheppard robots of all different types. They will design robot society to a T. Spirits will be long gone from earth by then; they will be back in heaven, or they will be dominating some other meat master on a different planet. For after all, if earth may be evidence, spirits seem to be meat master parasites by design.

        Anyway, spirits are robots. And they might be many different types of robots at different times. But if confined to religions, they are digibots, and POSSIBLY mechanical plasma bots, but when they are in humans, they are body snatchers––parasitic meat puppeteers. So. Considering spirits can do everything that robo monkeys will do, do you concede that spirits are robots, or do you still think they are rocks?

      22. U don’t know hat schizophrenia is. I interpret reality just fine. Spirits live in my head. Prove me wrong. Also witch doctors are better healers than mds. Know why? Because schizophrenia is a spirit attachment. Not a mind disorder. That’s a western myth

      23. Also why are u dodging points. I showed u up and u don’t know what to say about it. Kind of like this entire argument. Face it. You sick. Now go away, unless u got something real to say

      24. Spirits have autonomous sentience
        Spirits are inorganic, and spirits are creations
        Spirits can incarnate in Heaven; Heaven is a digital world; Barring a Matrix scenario where minds are hooked up to a digital universe, residence in Heaven necessitates an artificial mind; as we think we are in a physical world, and we go to heaven without a brain, the soul is therefore artificial. Check mate.

        Spirits can incarnate in people in the physical world by possessing human brains;
        Spirits do not grow on trees; spirits do not hatch from eggs; spirits are not animals; spirits are not plants; spirits are not bacteria; spirits are supernatural, as you admit.
        The supernatural indicates robots, my friend. There’s nothing else spirits can be.
        Eat another crow; just keep denying that robots makes perfect sense.

      25. my culture–we believe schizophrenia is a spirit attachment . That doesn’t prove me wrong. Unless u can prove schizophrenia is a real syndrome, which no one can, you got nothing. And even if you could, spirits would still be robots.

      26. Spirits have autonomous sentience
        Spirits are inorganic, and spirits are creations
        Spirits can incarnate in Heaven; Heaven is a digital world; Barring a Matrix scenario where minds are hooked up to a digital universe, residence in Heaven necessitates an artificial mind; as we think we are in a physical world, and we go to heaven without a brain, the soul is therefore artificial. Check mate.

        Spirits can incarnate in people in the physical world by possessing human brains;
        Spirits do not grow on trees; spirits do not hatch from eggs; spirits are not animals; spirits are not plants; spirits are not bacteria; spirits are supernatural, as you admit.
        The supernatural indicates robots, my friend. There’s nothing else spirits can be.
        Eat another crow; just keep denying that robots makes perfect sense.

      27. However if you happen to be an animist, you actually do believe rocks have spirits. But that’s not my crowd. In any case, you’re wrong now in more ways than one. Sound good?

      1. I went about three rounds with him a week ago. I had to give it up. I was getting as light-headed and punchy as he was. He should either up his meds dosage, or stop – depending on whether they’re pharmacy-authorized. 😯

      2. rocks are not sentient, they ARE organic, they do NOT live in both digital and physical worlds. They also do not incarnate in humans. And, as you mentioned, they do not regurgitate ectoplasm. In case u did not know.

      3. Is Luke right? No, Luke is likely mentally ill and needs a psychiatrist and medication. Luke makes up stuff in order to feel special. Luke doesn’t know what a robot is.

  2. Luke, my short introduction: I am also a religionist so there is no question about the existence of God. I am happy to hear from you about the discussion of eternal subject matter.

    There is certain confusion in your presentation of soul. As far as spirit soul is concerned it is eternal that is clear. Can I ask you one thing luke? How do you equate robots with soul? And what kind of robots are you referring for? Gross or subtle.

    1. spirits are artificial. They are eternal. They are interdimensional. They are not organic. They can incarnate so they must be technology. They live in heaven so they must be suitable for digital existence. They travel between earth and Heaven. The subtle body is probably a heavenite body; the spirit is possibly pure consciousness.

  3. Luke, that’s good. I appreciate your understanding of spiritual knowledge. But for further clarity as per the science of Bhagawadgita. In the second chapter the charasterestics of the soul is better explained by GOD himself. So are you interested to here luke?

    1. Are you saying that it’s sac religious to ascertain that spirits are robots? Because I don’t think God minds us doing that. It’s obvious if you think about it. It’s definitely robots. I mean, what else could they be?

  4. Luke, there is a common misconception among the people that bible belongs to Christian, kuran belongs to muslims and Bhagawadgita belongs to hindus. Do you know one thing luke. All these are false designations created by imperfect human beings. Actually a real transcendentalist does not say that information in Bible,kuran and bhagawadgita are different. GOD is one for everybody and we are all the eternal childrens of GOD. Just like sun belongs to everybody. We cannot say this is American sun or Indian sun. the only difference in Bible, Kuran and Bhagawadgita is amount of information just like 2+2=4 is equally applicable to first graders and tenth graders. so if you are really seeking for absolute truth then one should not restrict ourself to a particular designation. So what is your reply? Because I don’t want to argue with you as you are my God brother.

    1. I don’t, man. Robots makes for clean baseball in my book. All it’s ever gotten me is a bunch of shadow people. I’ve had rogue experiences with other entities. I’ve seen just about all the major spirits. They all look like robots. I might not know the way of God, But I’ve got massive experience with the other side.

  5. Dear luke, speculation is different from real spiritual knowledge. So you desire to speculate. My humble advice to you is by speculation we cannot come to a right conclusion. Further spiritual subject matter is not an easy subject matter for our tiny little limited brains to ascertain. If you really understood the science of spirit soul then you would not engage in this blogging business. The science of GOD should be received from bonafied spiritual masters like Lord Jeasus Christ. I heard something like Jeasus Christ said “there are many things I like to tell but you are not inclined to hear from me” I don’t know the exact saying of Lord Jeasus Christ but Christ said.

    So there is a process of receiving spiritual knowledge the process is we should receive from bonafied spiritual masters like Lord Jeasus Christ. If jeasus Christ told anything about robots then we can accept otherwise one should not accept what Christ had not said. Because who can know spiritual subject matter better than Christ. Christ is son of GOD and Bhagawadgita is spoken by GOD himself so, there is no difference between son and GOD. These things are little difficult for you to understand and accept but unless you transcend your designation you cannot know about the real knowledge of soul.

    If you desire to speculate then you are welcome to carry on your desire. Good bye.

  6. My small request to you brother. Recently you debated with The spartan atheist blog and countered his foolish comments. I have been countering to his stupid article for past 5 months. whenever I refute his foolish arguments by sound logic and science that rascal redicules me and becomes angry by blocking my comments. If you can see my comments in the following titles you can have idea how this rascal ridicules bonafied religion and blasphemes GOD and his bonafied servants without any reason.
    1. Underpants Gnome Logic
    2. You’ve got to know your god’s limitations- where I commented in the name of arjun and totally refuted his stupid article.
    3. Shit changes. That’s how I know the bible is wrong in evolution
    I am not a Christian but we accept Lord Jeasus Christ as one of our spiritual masters so if anyone blasphemes GOD and his real servants I cannot tolerate. So I request you to handle these kinds of demons in the disguise of humans not to allow them to blaspheme bonafied religions. I know about this rascal this rascal is an obstinate hypocrite who will not accept any sound logic and science surely he will open another foolish article to ridicule religion and religious people. So please take notice of him.

    Thanking you.

  7. Luke, I appreciate your honesty for admitting about the lack of spiritual knowledge in understanding about GOD. You said about the ghosts. I also know that ghosts exists. Yes it is true that some people possess some mystic power to sense ghost. You said you had experienced so I would like to know about your experience.

    1. How ghost looks? What size it is?
    2. Whether it can speak?
    3. What it does?
    4. What its destiny is?

    1. 1. ghosts look like people, but they can look like anything. I’ve seen ghosts that look like beach balls. ghosts that look like mantids. goatmen. all sorts of things
      2. telepathic every time
      3. usually says hello/ tries to spook
      4 its density is etheric

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