Hey, guy, I noticed your coexist bumper sticker juxtaposed with a Darwin fish

Do you think you’re not ethnocentric? If you’re ethnocentric, it means you are unable to empathize with other cultures, and most importantly, you believe that your own culture is the winning paradigm––superior to all. Anthropologists invented the term to help keep themselves in check, and to help ensure that anthropological determinations are objective and unbiased. In anthropology, ethnocentrism is considered a blasphemous crime. Here’s a test to find out whether you are ethnocentric. Consider knowing that in the eastern world people believe that schizophrenia is nothing less than a spirit attachment in every instance. It’s a very schizophrenic opinion, according to western perspectives, but it’s what the eastern world believes. What do you think about that? They’re wrong, you say? They’re backwater, you believe? Eastern schizophrenics must fare worse because they don’t get medicated, you assume? Interesting. Consider knowing that in the east schizophrenics fare BETTER than in the west. WESTERN research indicates this to be true. NO western research has ever indicated that schizophrenia is handled better in the west. Schizophrenics tend to enjoy better outcomes in the developing world, and even in the west this considered a fact. Because eastern societies do not treat schizophrenic people as if they were insane patients who suffer from delusions, eastern schizophrenics do not feel disempowered, jilted, alienated, disenfranchised, disabled, forsaken, nor misunderstood. Eastern schizophrenics don’t commit suicide nearly at all as often as western schizophrenics whose, populace commits suicide a staggering 5% of the time. That’s ten times as often as the general population, and it’s due almost always to social agony, regardless of what you may choose to assume. And western schizophrenics, despite almost always forced to submit to powerful dopaminergic medications, DO NOT recover any bit quicker than eastern schizophrenics who, essentially take NOTHING and, in turn, suffer no side effects and, therefore, fare better. Eastern schizophrenics are overall much happier. They live longer, larger, more meaningful lives, and society trusts the insights that they offer. I noticed you support UNICEF on Facebook. Whatever, man. Whatever. Face it; you’re ethnocentric. And there ain’t nothing you can say about it. #crazylivesmatter. Add that one to your merit badge sash.



One thought on “Hey, guy, I noticed your coexist bumper sticker juxtaposed with a Darwin fish

  1. its not true that all schizophrenics are possessed by ghosts. it is said in the scriptures that ghosts possess majority of womens to satisfy their unfullfilled desires in this world. suppose one person is possessed by ghost then it will not leave such person unless its desires are fullfilled.

    some people are schizophrenics due to their past previous misdeed in their previous life. mental illness caused by their past bad karma in their previous life. generally even people who are judged normal are also mad to some extent. any person who is attached to material objects is mad. it depends according to the degree of attachment. if he is 100% attached he is 100% mad, if he is 50% attached he is 50% mad.

    so, ghosts are those people who are 100% attached to material objects. so if a person dies untimely in his younger age with full of material desires then he or she will become ghosts till they get the material body destined by GOD. Actually, ghosts cannot do anything tactile. They cannot see or touch since they don’t have material body and senses. So naturally they are frustrated in their attempts to enjoy and they try to possess the mind of another living person to derive pleasure through his senses. That is where witch doctors come into play they know the art of black magic and they know how to deal with such subtle living entity. All they can do is temporarly restrict the ghosts or subtle living entity by black magic process but they cannot destroy such ghosts as they are also part and parcel of immortal GOD.

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