It’s A Bird––It’s A Plane––No––It’s What It Looks Like

No need to overthink the genesis of religion. Don’t over-juice your thinking cap and burn your scalp for no good reason. The genesis of religion resides in a very simple equation that even a child can understand. No, you don’t need Heaven to enlighten you; no 3rd eye is required, and clairvoyance will not help you, either; everyone knows that ghosts have nothing to say about this; they will not assist you in this query. But. If you define what religions are, you will locate the answer. All religions maintain that we are spirits: hint number 1. That’s the big claim that all religions make. Hint number 2: ghosts are a universal phenomenon that, just like religion, indicates a genesis that precedes the advent of recorded history. Now. Mull that over for a moment. What do these 2 hints tell you when you put them together? Any clue? Even a thought? It should be enough to ascertain the obvious answer. The obvious answer is––ghosts, of course, are the only reason we have religions. It is no coincidence that all religions maintain that we are spirits; were there no such thing as ghosts, religions would not exist. Were it not for casper making routine visits to the living, Jesus Christ would never have had the shot to win over the Christian world; people would not know what to tell him; they would not know what God means; the Christian world would not exist. Casper is the unsung hero of religion.



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