Do New Souls Exist? What Numbers Can Tell Us If We Posit Reincarnation.

Either all souls are old or at least some souls are new. So. Let’s find out if the religious rumor of new souls has any probability one way or another based on the death rate and the birth rate on the earth. Reincarnation must be accepted as a condition; if we accept reincarnation, we can find out if new souls exist. Reincarnation will be defined as follows: all births on the earth must indicate a reincarnation, and every death on the earth must indicate a soul returned to Heaven; this must be considered the rule that we posit. After all, we should. Unless we believe not everyone goes to Heaven.

Fact: Every second 4 people are born and 2 people die.
Indication: Earth grows by 2 people every second.

God fact: Every second 4 souls reincarnate and 2 souls return to Heaven.
Indication: Because earth grows and doesn’t shrink, Heaven buys 2 ghosts for 4 babies every second; the exchange rate is 1 ghost for 2 babies per half second.

God Fact: The challenge in reincarnation is that its practice necessitates a negative exchange rate in Heaven.
Indication: If new souls don’t exist, Heaven shrinks by 2 souls per second. As earth grows by 2 people per second, eventually Heaven could become empty––if new souls do not exist. If Heaven’s population is massive enough to sustain reincarnation, new souls could be unnecessary, but Heaven’s population would continuously decrease, which might be undesirable.

Conclusion: God makes new souls in Heaven at least in constant with the death rate on earth. This would keep Heaven’s populations stable. That means 2 new souls are made per second if robotic reproduction is half as fast as biology on the earth. That means every soul who returns to Heaven must at some point before reincarnation indicate the creation of a brand new soul. If we assume that lifespans in heaven are equivalent to lifespans on the earth, it seems very possible that in life spans of up to 100 years, each soul can indicate the production of another; the robotic rate of production might well exceed this minimum requirement. Therefore, new souls exist.



3 thoughts on “Do New Souls Exist? What Numbers Can Tell Us If We Posit Reincarnation.

    1. If the soul exists it survives the brain. Does the soul exist? I say yes. Can it be proven? Not really. Certain cases of NDE seem to indicate that the soul persists without the brain, but theses cases have been disputed.

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