Heaven is digital.

Claim: If we believe we go to Heaven to continue consciousness, Heaven must be digital.

Reasoning. If Heaven were a physical place, incarnations from the Earth would indicate one of two entities in Heaven: a robot or an animal. No other type of entity could be possible. If the Heavenite vessel is an animal, free range animals must be body snatched or the incarnational animals must be generated clones. It does not seem possible for the soul to retain its Earth memory in a bodysnatched animal; in a clone farm situation, it does not seem possible, either; on Earth, the soul begins as a parasite attached to a newborn brain but it does this with no memories of prior existences, so in clones this standard should be the same. As to reports of past life memories on Earth in humans, this must be inserts from the Akashic Field––put into the animal’s mind. The soul does not keep memories; it has separate hardware for that, indicates the existence of the Akashic Field. This means, though, it’s possible to feed one’s Earth memory––at least some of it––to one’s Heavenite animal body, but you would be a new person with alien memories, not the same person moving on. So––that rules the animal out. Therefore if Heaven is a physical place, the vessel of the Heavenite is a robot. A robot can access the Akashic Record of the soul in complete detail––including access to all past lives; therefore a robot can obtain all of its memories of Earth, while housing the soul in Heaven. So. If a robot is the Heavenite vessel, the most obvious challenge is arranging robots for incarnations at pace with the death rate on the Earth, which is 2 deaths per second. Also, if 4 robots get vacated per second, since the birth rate on Earth is 4 people per second, 4 temporary carcasses must be accounted for in Heaven per second as well. If robots are recycled and their usage gets interrupted by reincarnations on the Earth, that may account for some or all of the prepared vessels. This could work but a host of problems come to mind. Traffic would be insane, and it seems there would need to be a hatching field somewhere in existence, for incoming souls, constantly stocked with robots. It seems possible but it might even not be. More importantly, though, even if it is possible, it seems like a really stupid practice. Therefore Heaven is digital. Hence why theosophists call this world the PHYSICAL plane. If Heaven is digital, which it certainly is, traffic, no matter how insane it ever becomes, shall always be possible––also ideal––a cinch––no problem. Heaven is digital.

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