My opinion > your MD

In the western perspective, it should seem amazing, if not unbelievable, that witch doctors in developing nations consistently outperform MDs in treating schizophrenia, but facts are facts and we all must deal with them. If greater outcomes for patients may stand to mean anything, it is that witch doctors and shamans know more about schizophrenia than MDs and other acronyms. Facts are facts. Speaking of facts…

It has been demonstrated that illusions of shadow people can be generated by acute stimulation of the left temporoparietal junction of the brain, but shadow people of this biological phenomenon are of course not real. Though experts argue this means all shadow people are hallucinations, they do not prove their case, because the shadow people described their reports do not satisfy the 3 essential elements of a supernatural apparition. These being presentation, intelligence and autonomy. Hallucinations induced in labs generate self-reports by the beholders in which only 1 element is satisfied. That being presentation. Essentially, if you see a hallucinational shadow person, according to findings, the hallucinational shadow person is your perceived double; it mocks you like your literal shadow; like your literal shadow, it’s right up on you in your personal space, but unlike your literal shadow, it, like a hologram, occupies airspace, instead of illustrating the nearest surface. It does not speak to you, it does not acknowledge you; it seems to have no experience, though it copies your behavior. This is not an indication of intelligence. It is not an indication of autonomy. It is only a presentation. Therefore, it is not a bonafide shadow person, and there is a difference. Actual shadow people present as sentient beings who are separate from your person; hallucinational shadow people present as the exact opposite.

Actual shadow people do not mimic the beholder; their behavior seems all their own; they may manifest wherever they wish, whenever they want; they show autonomy and intelligence. Actual shadow people are also telepathic––fully capable of engaging in conversations with humans; therefore they show intelligence moreover. Actual shadow people can also touch you––to touch one, it feels like passing sand through a screen; some people consider this an essential element of the apparition. More evidence for the existence of actual shadow people indicates red eyes which they sometimes show, as well hoods and hats which they sometimes wear. I’ve even once seen a shadow person––a tiny little shadow person the size of an action figure––in a fluorescent red helmet with a beaming green sabre in his hand––so––based on that it’s safe to presume shadow people might also commandeer other elements of fashion, from to time; the aforementioned researchers of hallucinational shadow people have to date reported no items of fashion dressed upon hallucinational shadow people, yet such is a trademark of apparitional shadow people in perhaps 50% of all cases––let that be known.

As a final point––and I’m speculating now but I’ll say it anyway––hallucinational shadow people and actual shadow people do not look the same. I would gladly sign up one day to have electrodes stimulate my TPJ so that I may find out for certain. In any case, even if they look the same should I sign up for a study and it turns out that way, I’m sure I will conclude from the non intelligent behavior of my hallucination, that actual shadow people most definitely do exist. That would be my opinion of experience.

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