What Jesus and Mothman have in common

Enlightened humans who can revolutionize spirituality do exist. At least we know they’ve certainly come about before. Either divine providence is not greenlighting original prophets anymore at this time, though, or people just don’t buy original spiritual insight anymore because it’s now considered weird if someone’s insight seems profound and revolutionary instead of humble and dogmatic, like that of a preacher’s. Claims of divinity have been made, but none of these supposedly divine humans can produce any supernatural magic, so, most people are unconvinced by these claims of divinity. What I’m saying is Jesus 2.0 can only exist if he can prove the goods. But isn’t that what it always was? Did Jesus prove his mettle or did a religio-political compromise poster-child Jesus in a collective endorsed by an empire? Could it not be both? I think it is both. If Christianity’s founding collective campaigned for Jesus to absolve their sins, they clearly believed in Jesus’s mettle. At this time, atheism was non existent; everyone believed in God; fabricating a campaign for Jesus in deceit would constitute blasphemy of the highest order; faux believers pushing for Jesus would still believe in a God, a different God, who would be displeased; therefore I doubt it could even happen. The founding collective said Jesus performed miracles. Coupled with the word on the street about his legend, Christianity really took off. That’s what it was.

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One thought on “What Jesus and Mothman have in common

  1. Interesting post, but factually incorrect. Atheism, can be traced back to Ancient Greece; several centuries before the birth of Christ.

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