What is the Akashic Field?

It seems that we forget almost everything that we think. If we could remember everything that we perceive, conceive and realize––we would be far less fallible than we are. But alas––human memory cannot compete with RAM. My laptop, for example, though inferior to my brain on the whole, far outperforms my ability to remember what it learns; whereas I can only retain some of what I learn, anything my computer learns cannot be forgotten, unless I trash bin its knowledge, of course, but still, such is the disparity between machine and man; even in this primitive epoch of early robotica, amoebas of future AIs are already outperforming us in numerous ways. So––can you imagine a world wherein nothing is ever forgotten? Wherein all consciousness manifests in preservation, and all ideas may last forever? That is the purpose of the Akashic Field.

The Akashic Field is a divine machine that records all of our perceptions, conceptions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, fears, dreams, doubts, convictions, emotions and––every iota of the conscious mind. All of this, for every person, both in Heaven and on Earth, is stored in the Akashic Field. Essentially, in the Akashic Field, all human minds on Earth are recorded and stored in individual files called Akashic Records. Every soul that God has ever made has an Akashic Record. In one’s Akashic Record, one may reference the sum of one’s existence in all lifetimes spent on Earth, and all stays in Heaven, as well. When one returns to Heaven from the Earth, one may visit the Akashic Field to find out everything which one has done. Lifetimes from thousands of years ago, for example, are preserved in complete detail; previous judgments by God are stored, too; every moment of one’s existence is preserved in one’s permanent file.

It is possible, though unknowable, that in Heaven, the minds of all Heavenite vessels access the Akashic Field; in this way, the Akashic Field may act as a communal organ of the Heavenite mind; if so, in Heaven one’s knowledge of one’s self therefore may be the complete picture of one’s full existence. Why the Akashic Field exists is a domain of speculation, although probable uses for the machine appear palpable, even in lieu of insight. For example, should we believe that God judges us after death, the Akashic Field may qualify God’s perspective and validate his gavel; he thus may know everything we’ve ever done.

The Akashic Field is not accessible to Earthlings, but in Heaven the Akashic Field is like a public library––its records are accessible to all digital entities who dwell therein, as a sacred right of existence. The Akashic Field is located in the Astral Plane, which is the first plane of the 7 planes of Heaven––the first plane that we all ascend to once we die.



20 thoughts on “What is the Akashic Field?

  1. The akashic field is not divine or from god (unless god is the only term you’ll accept. That is the presupposition one has from his culture. It is not religious in nature, but generic. It is us, the universe, a happening, living organism and we are like skin cells or perceptive nerve endings on it

      1. it’s the only way the soul can record its perceptions. Divine judgment is undoable without it. It definitely exists. Otherwise past lives would be forgotten. Considering it is doable to make permanent memory, it is highly sensible God has done so. Hence the akashic field exists.

      2. No, if you’ve not seen it you can only believe in it. Why don’t you access it for yourself and stop the faith crap, repeating what others have told you they believe?

      3. No you don’t. That’s the church talking. It isn’t even difficult, just repressed for hundreds of years by the churches. They want to dispense the spiritual and control it. You can access it

      4. I am an atheist. The akashic record has nothing to do with god or gods as humans have been misled. It is us. Players in an endless play that has gone in for ever in a living universe. It has nothing to do with gods clipboard recording your sins. See it for yourself. You’ll see

      5. The akashic field is not Christian wisdom but there might be a translation. Other faiths have provided worthwhile wisdom, you know. It’s not all just about Christianity.

      6. The akashic record has nothing to do with Yahweh, Jehovah, or Jesus, although Jesus, if he actually existed, may have been a player in the system then claimed the experience as the I AM. It not his to claim.

      7. Irrelevant in my opinion. Jesus also said “there are things I know but shall not tell.” He basically told us we should listen to other people, too. That’s what I do.

      8. Check it for yourself. You don’t have to believe any dogma to see it. The churches have claimed ownership for something that belongs to us.

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