What would God do if God were a monkey?

Sometimes I feel currents of conviction evince positive charges of faith throughout my body; suddenly I find my vision emboldens, whereupon anchors of doubt fleet in defeat; like shadows in the moment before they vanish upon the break of day, ignorance becomes a paralyzed tarantula implanted with eggs of wisdom, and the mind discharges answers without the need to think; in times like these I find the question what would a God of monkeys do in a certain situation, seems answerable with some great level of certainty.

This is of course an adaptation of the logical fallacy known as Morgan’s canon. Instead of anthropomorphizing animal behaviors, I animalize certain human behaviors, while I divinitize certain others. This is only true if I assume man’s insight is animalistic compared to divine insight, though man’s insight can become enlightened, or maximized if not perfected. Should I think so, confidence forges beneath the heat and pressure waged in the conversion of dreams before they become examples. Inside the sweet spot between revelation and digestion––that is where the course of satisfaction must always begin. It is a logical fallacy to ever assume divine or superhuman interpretations of manmade equivalents, but it is a marker of a healthy mind to ever try and do so, if self esteem must matter at all and, if confidence is the steam of prosperity and, wisdom is the water beneath the vapor of its evidence and, doubts are the flames of empowerment. When so in that system truth prevails like a king snake with injected venom in its bloodstream, to which it is impervious; it is amazing to witness; despite the puncture wounds upon its flesh, the king snake chokes and swallows its venomous prey with delight and thrill in a show of gusto emanating charges of nirvana throughout its little tiny brain. Conceding to a higher power has a profound effect on the human perspective. Religious humanism is a filter upon one’s mind that screens out ides of existential pride, but existential pride suppression is an exercise in mind conditioning from whence solutions to the demands of egotism may derive in graceful autonomy. Humility evinces humbleness; in humbleness there’s nothing wrong; in humbleness confidence cannot be absent––just in humbleness confidence is not bravado. Therefore existential humbleness is the essence of innocence. Inside innocence health food for happiness naturally grows. Asking oneself what Jesus would do, brings out the best that one can answer. Asking oneself what Jesus would do keeps life meaningful.



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