It’s those Gosh darn biases

“Belief in God represses man.” -The common atheist. By common I mean typical. Is he right? Well, let’s see. Game changers––great minds––they are few and far between, but these are the only people who change the world. Everyone else––we just uphold what they make. Belief in God will not hold genius back, I assure you. Even John Nash won a Nobel Prize, and he thought God put angels in his head. Which God probably did. Meanwhile, while you’re the king of the dinner party in your own twisted mind, patting your back for your bullet proof logic about how Christ is a straw man, Elon Musk is watching The Matrix, confusing it with Gospel, in agreement with Nick Bostrom––so how is that possible if you are right? Martin Luther King liberated black America with a doctorate in theology on his mind. Food for thought.

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