The life of a careful thinker

When we say life isn’t fair, we speak as if there is a cosmos and that it should conspire in our favor; the atheist thinks this cosmos does not exist, and the theist oftentimes thinks that it does, but everyone concludes from time to time that life isn’t fair. For the atheist, this seems like an illogical compulsion; God doesn’t exist yet I wish for him to be there, is the implication of this normal conclusion. How could one conclude life is unfair if a sentient cosmos does not exist; it would be illogical, yet that is what happens to atheists everyday. So what is this side mind we all keep, wherein the cosmos is some active conspiracy orchestrating our existence? The atheist says it’s the voice of God but it’s up to us to reject it, for it is fallacious in his opinion. But what if he’s wrong. Moreover, what if both sides are wrong? What if the voice of God developed out of belief in God which was valid to start. All I’m saying is, the fact that we think this way does not disprove God, but it might just indicate God’s concept has some causality on our mental behavior. It is possible.

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