13 riddles

What is dead and cranky in name but factually neither? The answer is a ghost crab. What is blue in myth, and red in fact to human sight, but black when found in lunar light? The answer is blood. What is made of Earth in many colors but returns to Earth in golden warmth? The answer is Powerade. What feeds the isolated mountain lake beyond the fall of rain? The answer is fish piss, crawfish piss, clam piss, and other animal pisses. Why did Pocahontas change her name? The answer is she got married to John Smith. Who sucks at football in the plural, yet cannot live in the singular? The answer is the Buffalo Bills.

What is the nexus between meaning and sight? The answer is light. What is always knowable but never understood? The answer is darkness. What is evil without power? The answer is grace. What is the reason that we function? The answer is the meaning of life. What seems forever ever right but can never be found? The answer is the future. Are we all just Gilligans on an island? The answer is no. What function do swimming pools and toilets share in common that is not unfortunate? The answer is they both hold water.



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