Meme collectors outnumber art collectors, probably, me thinks

Someone should make a meme museum. I honestly think that a meme museum could become a real huge hit. No printed memes in frames. Maybe some really famous memes should be printed and framed, but most of the museum should just be a shit ton of LCD screens displaying different memes. All the memes in the museum should be hand selected by an introspective staff of highly motivated hipsters who know about and stuff––4chan and whatnot––but also the Facebook beat. Selections by these hipsters should include classic memes, early memes, golden age memes, modern memes, avant garde memes, mainstream memes, sub-stream memes, etcetera.

If meme snobs really do exist, (and I really think they do,) then provided we can distinguish fine meme makers from poor meme makers, there’s really no reason to believe that fine meme makers should not one day find some sort of fame in meme museums. Me thinks that memes might not be leaving us any time soon, but who really knows. Might as well just make a meme museum while memes are still hot. It might be really cheap for one to stock a meme museum with quality fine memes. For example, how does one pay meme makers for memes if meme makers don’t copywrite memes? A meme museum could therefore be a big collection of free content which people pay to see regardless. It’s honestly probably a good idea. Put it in Portland, maybe.



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