On elongating vibrations

When you come to rely on gris gris, or amulets, you must believe that divine will, or the cosmos if you will, can, does, and maybe even should, empower you with positive magic that charges your carnal field; you can actually channel this positive magic if you learn how to catch good luck when it hits you; channeling magical energy is a nifty way to cultivate mojo. Mojo is upper level magic. Mojo is a magical theory of mind. Mojo is not a mode of soul but it is. Mojo comes with insight and wisdom. Good mojo is known to cause good juju, which is the energy of the higher self. Good juju is powerful stuff; it can even make people like you without any good reasons. Therefore juju is an intoxicant to lower carnal minds that think in short vibrations. Good magicians strive to elongate the vibrations of their thoughts, especially in acute situations when a magician is trying to field any magic. Magic is always working; it never pauses, but it requires pushes if you wish to practice influence upon magical fields. To do this, you want to elongate your vibrations. If you elongate your vibrations, the cosmos will take notice; the cosmos will read your thoughts and the magical fields will accommodate your will, if you elongate your vibrations. There are so many ways to do this. But you don’t need to understand them all. Just understand magic works. By learning knowledges you’ll come to understand this, but if you believe in prayer already, you shouldn’t have to. Understand prayer is definitely the practice of fate shaping. That’s definitely what magic is. Practitioner magic is harnessing the power of prayer, right––it’s eating that energy, digesting it, and enriching the mind of your carnal brain with salience of the holy psyche. Practitioner magic is welding your soul’s psychic energies as instruments of cosmic influence.



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