On making voodoo dolls

People erect voodoo dolls for all sorts of reasons. Some people make really ill-spirited voodoo dolls because they believe the cosmos embodies a force of darkness. But most people think it’s something in between. Darkness is usually considered necessary evil; consequential and maybe not the work of a legion of doom; rather the cosmos seems to indicate life is a game of all hands on one stick. Voodoo seems to reflect this idea. A lot of voodoo dolls don’t try to break someone’s legs, for example. It’s far more complex than that. For example, a western magician whose school of craft is based on voodoo, might wish to empower a voodoo doll imitating a determined competitor who is flawed in some way and undeserving of a better fate than him or herself in his or her own opinion. The goal of the magician would be to persuade the magical fields to appease his or her will, which he or she must do with a well meditated, frequently exercised voodoo doll. To have one a magician will successfully transfer psychic energies of the soul’s mind THROUGH THE BODY to a carnal object, which is the imitative voodoo doll. An imitative doll can be useful for making big moves of magic because, like any object its energy is static and omnitemporal, but its energy is big minded, and its signals can hyperfied with acute measures, through aggravation, to the effect of a banshee’s scream, which God and the cosmos both like I guess; we know this is true because voodoo dolls work and they always get made by someone who thinks they can justify inter-competitional cosmic favoritism. In voodoo doll magic, which I’ve done before, when the magic is right, which is very doable, the imitative doll becomes recognized by the cosmos and the cosmos directs focus upon the mind of the magician to evaluate the magician’s plea; if the magician is fortunate, the cosmos will absorb his or her mind into the cosmic mind, and the cosmic mind will calculate a fate based on his or her will and wishes AND whatever couterpresense resisting his or her will and wishes that there is in the greater mind of the cosmos. This is if he or she is even given that much consideration once absorbed, but with a proper voodoo doll, he or she will be absorbed, for some amount of time, so his or her will shall find some heightened probability of getting fate punched out in his or her favor by the cosmos.



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