When making spells

When you cast spells, you aim to transfer your psychic energy into objects or people, but when you cast spells you practice faith in magic, which translates into long vibrations, and long vibrations increase your chances of influencing the cosmos. Spells can be incantive; they can be free-styled; they can be verse-like; they can be whatever, really, but you want to make them if you wish to exercise your innate human magical powers. You might think spells come in a book, and sometimes they do, but selfmade spells probably work better; anyone can read a spell but only a heart of faith can make its own. Making spells will help bring order to your thoughts and help refine your magical focus. Not only that but your spells can be read by the cosmos like a pamphlet for your causes. So you’ll want to write out your ideas and contemplate deeply when erecting spells.



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