Reality is impossible to ascertain with eyes that dream but cannot see

When we gain, we win; when we win, we prosper and hunger emboldens. When we lose, we fail and we falter; when we falter, drive becomes rabid and hunger reduces. It’s paradoxical but it’s absolutely true. Most usually this is the case: reinforcing rewards and punishments seem to prevail beyond our wills; the environment fail-lessly conditions humans despite humans wish to be impervious; the result is that more becomes more and less becomes less. However, sometimes we realize less is actually more, which if anything proves that human perception might be lawed by some precise biological mechanics but reality’s transcription is certainly arbitrary; therefore, truth cannot be considered ever absolute, and in fact, truth does not exist at all, because all that we may know must be an illusion.



One thought on “Reality is impossible to ascertain with eyes that dream but cannot see

  1. truth in this material world is relative but not absolute. relative truth changes but absolute truth does not change. the relative truth of this world is subjected to 6 kinds of transformations that is living entities are born, it grows, it produces offsprings, it stays for a while, it dwindles and it dies. absolute truth is that truth that does not undergoes these 6 kinds of transformations and that is called as eternal.

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