Long road with a hitchhiker

Psychiatrists must always hope to envessel a cure for schizophrenic patients inside the spirit of eventualism. After a considerable amount of time, sometimes in as little as 10 years, but sometimes longer, with proper systems of psychotic idea suppression put into practice with regularity, in all situations as madness’s twilight creeps into fruition, no one knows really what happens, but some common understanding has it like this: dopamine fixes itself. That’s the big idea most encouraged by boards or functional machines of mind control at the executive level which run the shows for practitioners who must appease these boards with regular tests of mental fitness just to remain in practice. Smells like a whole lot of supernatural bullshit if you ask me. There’s a clear and definite culture to head shrinking, but the culture of head shrinking is a results shaper that functions by putting limitations on intellectual freedom in psychiatry; though the field might try to be legit, in practice half the shit that that gets covered by the DSM-infinity––the head shrink basically pretends to hack at a problem with a hiltless sword that no one can touch––always waiting for the next big idea––always knowing there’s one way to find it––never knowing if you’re really wrong.



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