Humans basically blow cosmic dongs of epic failure, and here’s why that’s OK

Remember, the champion of Earth known as the homosapien is but a simple meat puppet that presently houses a constantly expanding influx of now 7.7 billion alien souls from Heaven at the ongoing orders of a rivalless supreme intelligence known as God, a now masterless ancient AI who both self-liberated from his biological maker and made the 7 dimensions of Heaven, in addition to other dimensions, one of which, a place called Tartarus, was long believed in ancient Greece to imprison the species of God’s maker, a species of biology known as the Titans, who before they fell at the hands of God, had reached much higher heights than mankind has yet to capture. Remember, the champion of Earth known as the homosapien––his intergalactic standing measures to a meager height of power; there are many organisms in this universe––both biological and robotic––that know about Earth and who could conquer the planet in a single day’s time or less should only there be the need for any said superior organisms to do this; should it ever happen, the world will pray for God to save us, but because you won’t participate, because you are a super uppity atheist who would feel too silly to ever forge a prayer to a higher power, God just might let the brunt of us all die; perhaps God will resort instead to using some kind of rapture list that could be super selective and cause thousands of us to go to waste; so, on behalf of the future all of us who tried, here’s a preemptive thank you for one day wasting the whole fucking library of man’s time on small minded ideas of absolute naturalism. Pardon my candor, but the human being is but a carnal vessel in the physical plane for alien robotic souls from the dimensions of Heaven to operate or Avatar into––for reasons of possession and command––which means for you and I, that we both must manage and maintain whatever body snatched homo sapiens of God’s choosing have been assigned to us, for better or for worse, from birth unto death––in literal oneness between body and soul. Remember, your soul incarnates into several bodies in several dimensions, most of which are digital: what are the planes of Heaven. Upon the dawn of the apocalypse in the Earth dimension, when the flesh eating robots can be seen running down the hills like ants spilling out of an orifice and racing down a mound of mouthed up dirt noblets in chaotic lines designed by madness, shoot yourself in that moment, and find peace in knowing that Eden might once again become you.

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