Never more thankful to be wrong: your clear and definite future

Remember, only fools believe evolution disproves divine creation. Without the homosapien, the soul must still live on, either as a ghost in this dimension, or as a digital spirit in the planes of Heaven. Therefore, God’s greater creation is the soul––and this assertion that I must make with interest paid to the numb balled of us all––reflects a universal religious agreement that has never changed and always was. Remember, there is no human society on this planet that has not believed in divinity and the divine creation of the soul; for thousands of years waged forth completely in lieu of the influences of globalization, religions manifested in every human isolation all across the world. The reason is because we are aliens. Yes. Aliens. The underrated realization among the numb balled of us all. So, keep on talking smack about Jesus Christ and his 2.4 modern day believers; all the motherfucker ever did was die for you and forgive you for it––even though he was divine––and even though you ate his father’s fucking apples. Keep on talking smack until you cannot talk no more; when you reunite with your true self in Heaven under the weight of the grace of God’s palpable undeniable omnipresence––when you wake up from your nap spent dreaming on this Earth that you were a monkey who dressed in nice clothes and evolved away his own stupid tail––you’ll gladly eat the lifetime of your own self-encultured crow whose beak was made glass, and whose talons feared the snow; so thankful you shall be, just to have been given the chance, to dedicate your spirit to the antithesis of its function just because some bad magicians who couldn’t rely on magic tricks, some overhyped celebrity intellectuals who specialized in nothing but pimping out your angst, and some pathetic monkey scientists who could not appreciate the potential possibilities of future technology, had all three in confluence with your own little voice to boot, misprojected the identity of mankind’s all-time greatest error. Congratulations on being so fucking wrong and yet so fucking loud about it. Your death is gonna rock your world.

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